Who is Frida Kahlo? The story of immortality in the blue house

فریدا کالو کیست
فهرست محتوا

Who is Frida Kahlo?

On July 6, 1907, Frida Kahlo was born in a blue house in the town of Kuyakan. This small town in Mexico City was destined to host one of the most progressive women in art history, and Frida left her name, her city, and the Blue House in history.

Frida Kahlo is widely regarded today as a leading artist and feminist and holds a very high position among artists, especially the young.

But why did he reach this level of respect, and what were his achievements in the art world? What was going on in his personal life, and where did his paintings come from?

In this article, we will seek answers to these questions and flip through the exceptional book of Frida Kahlo’s life. So join us to have a new and different look at the life of this remarkable painter.

Who is Frida Kahlo? Who is Frida?

Frida’s childhood and youth

Frida Kahlo‘s father was a Judeo-German photographer and painter who originated in Romania and was known in Mexico as Guillermo. His full name was Wilhelm Kahlo. She immigrated to Mexico, where she met Frida’s mother, Matilda Calderon Gonzalez. This marriage resulted in four daughters, of which Frida was the third child in the family. Frida’s father took many portrait photos of her, which can be considered a continuation of Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits or self-portraits.

His childhood days were marked by civil war and the Mexican Revolution. At the age of six, Frida Kahlo contracted polio and felt one of the first lasting wounds of her time. She was hospitalized for six months, and his right leg will remain thinner than his left leg forever. This made her always wear long and beautiful skirts from the time she was alive until the end of her life. Combining this local cover with colored ribbons and hair adorned with decorative ribbons is an exceptional style for Kahlo. She created the person.

Frida Kahlo's childhood

Wilhelm Kahlo felt that his daughter had suffered severe psychological damage to her legs in those days, so she looked for different ways to improve her daughter. Wilhelm Kahlo encouraged his child to do various things to improve his condition, many of which were quite unusual for a girl. This is how Wilhelm Kahlo’s daughter experienced sports such as swimming, wrestling, and even football with the help of her wonderful encouragement.

In the days when it was not very common for a girl to go to school, the young Mrs. Calloway enrolled in the National Preparatory School in 1922 thanks to her father’s help. He soon became famous among the students with the help of his excellent spirit and great joy. Of course, the use of colorful clothes and beautiful jewelry was not ineffective in this regard.

One of the highlights of the school for Kahlo was his acquaintance with politics. This acquaintance coincided with the Mexican Revolution, which was a renaissance in the country and led to the emergence of new intellectual and artistic styles. Many historians believe that this issue influenced even the philosophical current of the intellectuals of that period.

Young Frida, who has a unique passion, is constantly associated with people with different political views. It should also be noted that as a result of these associations, the passionate Frida Kahlo joined the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Mexico.

Everything was going well until, on a great day, the rhythm of Kahlo’s life was disrupted. This horrible day left unfortunate grief for Frida, whose effects were forever etched on her body and soul.

The onslaught of suffering from a terrible accident

On September 17, 1925, the turning point in Frida Kahlo‘s life arrived. A turning point that was supposed to be a massive change for him. Frida, 18, a recent medical student, decided to take a trip with Alejandro Gomez Arias. He had just met Alejandro, and a romantic relationship had developed between the two.

فریدا کالو

His vicious journey with Alejandro was supposed to be a romantic journey for the two, but a horrific accident occurred; a severe accident with the bus resulted in a very powerful and painful injury for him. The unfortunate Frida Kahlo suffered multiple fractures in the shoulder, chest, back, pelvis, and legs, just a tiny part of the injuries.

The story became more painful when an iron bar plunged into his abdomen in the accident, depriving him of a child for the rest of his life. Of course, he found out later. He has a painful quote from the moment of his accident, the reading of which transmits the horror of this event to all the cells of the reader:

“The handle of the chair sank into my body like a sword that strikes a cow.”

This accident seems to be the end of all young Frida’s hopes and aspirations, and this unfortunate fate fell like a sword on her body.

فریدا کالو نقاش

He was hospitalized for a few weeks and then returned home for further treatment. His whole body was covered with plaster and splints. Kahlo felt the absolute stillness of suffering from all his being, and this was the worst possible situation for a young girl full of energy and full of taste.

She was trapped in a maze of grief and experiencing a terrible pain engulfing her being, but suddenly, at a point that could have been Frida’s end, a window of hope and love was found.

His father, who was always his first-class supporter, began to make a unique painting tripod to relieve his son’s pain and make him happy. This tripod was supposed to be a bed for the native who kept all this girl’s feelings in his heart. Now, Frida Kahlo, who saw her from head to toe in plaster and splint, had the opportunity to transfer all her endless desires, pains, joys, and sorrows to the canvas, and this was the beginning of a new life for her.

تصادف فریدا کالو

Relief from past wounds; Painting …

Frida Kahlo, who was bedridden, had discovered a new feeling in herself by turning to paint, and her life had taken on a new color and face. His perseverance and endless passion for life had made him victorious over suffering and started a new career for him, one that was to stay with him for the rest of his life.

Shortly afterward, under the influence of his excellent sense of painting, he also recovered physically and managed to walk again. This was a special occasion for someone like Frida Kahlo, and it restored her mobility. However, nothing was the same for him physically as before the accident, and he felt a lot of pain in his body for the rest of his life.

He survived the accident with a bag full of physical and mental wounds, but his outstanding achievement from this period was painting. The painting had become so popular with him that he decided to focus all his attention and energy on painting instead of medicine. He completed his first painting and presented it to Alejandro Comes Arias about a year later.

His relationship changed a lot after the accident and Alejandro left him and ended his love affair with him. Now Frida Kahlo was left, Alejandro, who had renounced her marriage, and her endless pain. But that was not the end of the story because the painting was supposed to lead him to a particular person.

In these strange days when Frida’s happiness and hope ended in painting, Frida formed a relationship with someone she had seen before in high school design classes. In her high school days, Frieda was passionate about him and often sat down to watch him paint. A friend of Frida Kahlo has an interesting quote from her about this person. He said:

“After seeing him, Frida Kahlo told me that one day I would have a child with this man….”

This man was none other than the famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

فریدا و دیگو ریورا

The story of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo had many ups and downs and had a great impact on his works, and led to the creation of ongoing works in the history of art.

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In the end, we hope you enjoyed who is Frida‘s article. Enjoy the story of immortality in the blue house.

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