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what is oil painting medium and what is oil painting medium used for?

To know the types of oil painting mediums, with the article “ oil painting mediums “, be with Maryam Mansouri.

It must have occurred to you that in the shops of painting supplies, you are confused about what types of mediums are and for what purpose they are used.

What is oil painting mediums?

We use mediums to change the properties of colors. For example, we use types of mediums to make the paints dry sooner or later, to move more smoothly, or to change the color concentration and even improve the drying quality of the paint.

For example, whether or not the pen remains on the canvas can be controlled by mediums.

How did the first oil painting medium come about؟

To better understand what oil painting medium is, it is better to look at the history of oil painting mediums.

In the paintings of the first period, There were paintings on the walls of the caves. See the History of Painting for more information.

Before 1400 AD, paintings were made in the form of murals on the walls of palaces and churches. The painting was part of the building.

Around 1400 AD, painting on canvas and cloth flourished. In the same years, a man named Goodfield discovered that Chinese paintings had a certain luster and something like lacquer on them.

types of oil painting mediums

Mr. Goodfield found out through a search and experiment that this substance is Arabic gum. Mr. Goodfield, after many experiments on other oils and gums such as sesame oil, walnut oil, and linseed oil, concluded that the combination of linseed oil and paint powder is the best combination for oil paint. Thus came the first medium in painting. This type of medium is the same lubricating oil that is now sold in abundance in factory packages.

Types of oil painting mediums

Types of oil painting mediums due to performance are as follows:

oil painting gloss medium

  • linseed oil
  • Liquin
  • Light Gel

Oil paint bulking mediums

  • Original Liquin
  • Liquin oleo Pasto
  • Liquin Impasto
  • Fine detail

Oil paint diluent medium :

  • White Spirit

oil painting drying medium

  • Turpentine
  • Sansador
  • Scative
  • White Spirit
  • Liquin

Linseed medium for radiance and slow drying of oil paintings

Linseed medium for radiance and slow drying of oil paint

Linseed oil is the first medium for painting and is available in factory packages on the market.

Linseed oil is one of the most popular oil painting mediums.  It slows down the drying of the paint and allows the painter to proceed with more calm and concentration.

Another property of  Linseed oil is that it does not evaporate. When exposed to air, especially hot air, it becomes gelatinous.

Linseed oil makes you more radiant.

Question: Why use a medium that slows down?

Response: So that, the painter can proceed with more calmness and concentration.

Turpentine, a drying oil painting medium

Turpentine, a drying oil painting medium

Turpentine is a gum-like yellow liquid obtained from pine sap and has natural resources.

medium Turpentine increases the drying speed of the paint and is used for the initial layers of paint.

It has good solvent properties and is also used to clean brushes and varnishes.

Because turpentine is of plant origin, it is much more suitable for thinning and cleaning brushes than thinner and does less harm to the environment.

Of course, using turpentine with color requires a lot of care. Because too much of it causes paleness.

Turpentine is a medium that is mostly used as a desiccant and solvent.

Sansodor, oil painting drying medium

Sansodor, oil paint drying medium

Sansodor is another medium for drying oil paints. The censor smells less like turpentine, but the drying speed is also slower.

Sansodor is also used as a solvent.

Scative, a medium for oil painting drying.

Scative, a medium for oil painting drying.

The next dryer is Scative, which dries twice as fast as turpentine.

The use of Scative medium should be used with extreme caution. Excessive use of  Scative can cause colors to wrinkle.  Scative increases the rate of oxygen uptake by the dye,  so the dye dries faster.

Scative is an oil that is obtained by boiling some metal salts in flaxseed oil and there are different types.

White spirit medium to dilute oil paint

White spirit medium to dilute oil paint

White Spirit is an oil solvent that is used as a diluent as well as a cleanser.

White Spirit also has different types and its refined type is used in oil paint.

Compare White Spirit and Turpentine :

To compare the 2 types of oil painting mediums: White Spirit and Turpentine

  1. White spirit is more popular than turpentine. Because it is both more odorless and less toxic.
  2. It has lower flammability .
  3. The paint dries faster in White Spirit than in turpentine.

Liquin,  a medium for shining and accelerating the drying of oil paintings

What is Liquin?  Liquine is a type of oil painting medium that increases the drying speed of the paint. While making the color more glossy.

Liquine is semi-gloss and after mixing with oil paint,  it makes the color smoother and shinier.

Its lubrication type is different from linseed oil.

Liquin medium has different types and is selected depending on the type of work.

Types of Liquin medium

  • Liquin Original
  • Oleo Pasto and Impasto
  • Light Gel

Liquin Original

Liquin Original one types of oil painting medium

The thing that is most commonly used and used is the Liquin Original.

oleo pasto and impasto


2 types of Liquin are oleo pasto and impasto

Other types of Liquin are oleo pasto and impasto.

And it is used for places where you do not want to miss the pen at all.

Light Gel

Another type of liquin is light gel.  Keeps the work surface shiny and even after the effect dries, it stays shiny.

Fine Detail

Medium Fine Detail in oil painting medium

Fine detail medium creates an image of a smooth surface.  It leaves no trace of the brush and allows your oil paint to dry and have a beautiful shine.  This environment,  glossy and fast drying,  is ideal for delicate details,  glazing, and composition.

Fine detail medium is also one type of oil painting medium with bulking properties.

In the article  “ Oil painting mediums “ An attempt was made to briefly describe the oil paint mediums.

In the end, we hope to enjoy the Oil painting mediums article.

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