Maryam Mansouri Exhibitions

Maryam Mansouri is one of the artists who has had several art exhibitions inside and outside Iran.

The first Maryam Mansouri exhibition was held in the painting gallery of Golberg Gallery in 2002, and after that, the exhibition of Maryam Mansouri’s painting was held in Iran and other countries of the world.

After showing the certificate of attendance in some of Maryam Mansouri’s painting exhibitions, we will give a brief explanation:


Stockholm , Sweden

2019Nov1 to 2019Nov3

Armenia Exhibition

2019Aug20 to 2019Aug22

Istanbul Exhibition

2019June22 to 2019July1

Istanbul Exhibition

2017July1 to 2017July6

Tehran Exhibition

2019Sep27 to 2019Oct2

Tehran _ Abi Gallery

2006Jun13 to 2006July1

Tehran - Abi Gallery

Tehran Mani Gallery ( Niavaran Farmanieh )

2012Jan27 to 2012Feb2

Mani Gallery

Mani Gallery

Abgineh Exhibition

2019Jun22 to 2019Jul1

Maryam Mansouri wishes the best for art lovers…

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