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How to remove dried acrylic paint?

Undoubtedly, one of the worst nightmares for a painter is pouring paint on different surfaces. Paint may spill on surfaces when you are painting.

Or maybe your child poured paint on the surface, and you did not understand. Over time, the acrylic paint dries and becomes harder to clean.

If the acrylic paint dried, how can we remove it? 

We will share ways to remove the dried acrylic paint with you in this article by Maryam Mansouri.

But at first, we need to get a little more familiar with the structure of acrylic paint.

Familiarity with acrylic paint

Familiarity with acrylic paint

The first acrylic paint was made in the 1940s. The raw material for this paint was resin, which was taken from the tree. A specific feature of this resin in nature is the protection of trees against insects. Many people paid attention to it because of its easy cleaning ability and special effects.

Acrylic paint was initially associated with bad breath and respiratory problems. Over time, the novel’s popularity and applications improved, and its initial problems were resolved.

In general, acrylic paints are produced in a wide variety to meet the needs of consumers. These colors have a high and suitable concentration, which makes them ideal for creating texture on different surfaces. On the other hand, acrylic paint has a good drying speed, which is very positive for creating a work of art, but if the work is dirty, this drying speed can be a problem for you.

Another important note is that acrylic paint is very flexible and can be used on all surfaces like canvas, paste models, sculptures, stone, paper, fabric, and shoes.

Advantages of acrylic paint

In general, the advantages of acrylic paint are:

  • Ability to wash paint after application
  • High drying speed of the paint
  • Diluted with water
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance and no change against sun, UV, and UV rays
  • Perfectly environmentally friendly
  • Excellent coverage
  • No bad smell and breathing problems
  • Made of the best raw materials
  • Very high manufacturing technology
  • Lack of sensitivity
  • Suitable for gypsum, cement, brick surfaces
  • Antibacterial and antifungal

Disadvantages of acrylic paint

  • Applying this color with a brush will leave a mark on the pen.
  • Other paints are more glossy than acrylic paints.
  • Not all acrylic paints are 100% washable.
  • Due to the rapid drying of this paint, the execution and painting speed should be relatively high so that the paint does not clot.
  • If you work with this paint, the process of removing the acrylic paint from the surface will be a little troublesome.

First, it is best to look at ways to remove acrylic paint from brushes and rollers, and other work tools.

Remove acrylic paint from brushes, rollers, and other painting tools

Remove acrylic paint from brushes, rollers and other painting tools

how to remove acrylic paint from the brush?

The first step is to remove excess paint from brushes or rollers. So it is better to take them under a stream of warm water. It is better to fill a container with warm water to complete the work and add some fabric softener to the container.

The fabric softener helps to dissolve and thus makes the acrylic paint easier to clean.

What should be the size of the container and the amount of water and softener to remove the acrylic paint?

The size of the brush or other painting tools determines the size of the container, water, and softener. You can increase the amount of softener because the softener does not damage the brush or rollers.

After 30 seconds of placing the brush in the mixture of water and softener, you should shake the brush or roller carefully to separate the paint from its texture.

After this step, you should change the cleaning solution and put your brush or roller in it for an hour. After an hour, rinse the brushes thoroughly in water to remove any remaining paint.

how to remove acrylic paint from brushes

Finally, put the brushes or rollers under the Water flow and wash them until they clean. So the tools will be completely clean. Note that if there is still paint on the brush at the end, you will have to repeat the steps.

After the brush and tools, it’s time for the hands. Colored hands must clean carefully after creating a painting.

Remove acrylic paint from the skin

How to remove acrylic paint from the skin of hands and body?

remove acrylic paint from skin

The good news is that acrylic paints are water-based. For this reason, the best way to get rid of them from the skin of hands and body is to wash them with warm water and soap. If your hands get wet, the result will be better.

For this purpose, you can put your hands in warm water for a few minutes to loosen the color so that the connection between the acrylic paint and the skin is slightly lost. After soaking, the paint will be easier to remove from your hands.

how to remove acrylic paint from the skin

Wearing appropriate clothing and gloves can relieve you of the hassle of getting your hands dirty.

Note that if you have sensitive skin, it is better to use gloves while working.

Remove acrylic paint from glass surfaces

Remove acrylic paint from surfaces

As you know, the glass surface is polished and non-absorbent. For this reason, acrylic paint is not absorbed by the glass surface, which makes it very easy for us, and it is so easy to remove the acrylic paint from the glass surface. But the sensitive point is that a few carelessnesses can scratch or damage the glass.

For removing acrylic paint from the glass, it is better to wet the glass thoroughly with water or glass cleaner to wet the dried paint. You can also use a piece of sponge to do this better.

After soaking the paint, you should first try to remove the dried acrylic paint stain with a rough cloth. If the rough cloth does not work, try it with a plastic spatula, a razor, or an iron spatula. Note that extra pressure in the wrong direction can scratch the glass, so it is best to do it patiently and calmly.

how to remove acrylic paint from surfaces

If you are worried about scratches caused by pulling the blade on the glass, it is better to wet the paint stain with vinegar or acetone. It will reduce the pressure and the possibility of scratches.

It is better to check the glass at every stage of the work so that if a scratch falls on the glass, it will not increase with additional pressure.

Next, we will talk about removing acrylic paint from the fabric, which is one of the concerns of painters.

Removing dried acrylic paint from clothes

how to remove dried acrylic paint from clothes?

Dried acrylic paint on your clothes indicates a hassle to clean, but this way, you do not need to worry.

how to remove dried acrylic paint from clothes

First, you must remove some dried acrylic paint from the fabric or clothing carefully. You can use a spatula to do this.

In the next step, you have to wet the paint a bit. It is better to soak your clothes or fabric under warm water thoroughly. Then wash the colored area a little to get the paint out of it.

Now we have to use water and dishwashing liquid to complete the work. Fill a bowl with warm water and pour a little dishwashing liquid into it. Now use a sponge and put it in the combination of water and dishwashing liquid.

Removing dried acrylic paint from clothes

After absorbing water and liquid by the sponge, you must press it to remove excess water. Now draw the sponge on the desired part and let it be on the dried acrylic paint for a few seconds. Rub the sponge a few times on the dried acrylic paint stain to loosen the paint, then press the sponge on the stain to remove the paint from the fabric.

Repeat this several times with the clean parts of the sponge.

how to remove dried acrylic paint from fabric

If the stains still do not go away, you should go to acetone. Dip some cotton in acetone. If you stain cotton like a stamp, you will see that the cotton absorbs some of the paints each time. By repeating this, the stain becomes lighter and lighter.

After finishing the work, you must wash the clothes with soap and water so that the acetone does not remain on the clothes. Before using the acetone, make sure that the fabric is resistant and not damaged by acetone. Be sure acetone can not harm your clothing and fabrics.

Next, we talk about removing acrylic paint from the specific surface.

removing dried acrylic paint from wood and ceramic surfaces

how to remove dried acrylic paint from wood like tables and floors?

There is always the possibility of spilling paint on the floor when painting. In general, it is better to pull fabric or plastic under your workplace and, if possible, gather the carpet under the workplace so that you do not get in trouble if the paint spills on the floor.

But sometimes, paints may spill on the floor. To remove acrylic paint, use a spatula and scrape the acrylic paint from the wooden or ceramic surface.

how to remove dried acrylic paint from wood

Note that when using a painting spatula and scratching paint, you must be extremely careful and patient, as you may scratch the surface of the house. It is much more common when the floor of your home is wood or parquet.

You must use a spatula or similar tool to cut only a thin layer of dried acrylic paint.

After shaving the dried acrylic paint, you can completely wipe off the paint on the surface with a cloth soaked in acetone or alcohol. Finally, do the final work with a dry cotton cloth and glass cleaner and remove dried acrylic paint from the wood. Take care of your hands when using the spatula!

removing dried acrylic paint from wood

The concentration of acrylic paints may vary, and this may force you to use some stronger solvents for some stains.

If the method of shaving and cleaning on surfaces does not work, use a strong chemical for removing acrylic paint from wood and ceramic surfaces.

The name of this solution is methylene chloride solution. This solution has very high power in removing acrylic paint from wood and cleaning acrylic paint from ceramics, and you can use it for any part of the floor that has a stain on it.

You need to know that this solution is powerful and when using it, you must use gloves, eye protection, and a mask. Methylene chloride solution produces a very unpleasant odor when used, which may cause problems for your respiratory system and other people in the house. For this reason, you should leave the windows and doors.

Remove acrylic paint from stone

Depending on the type of surface, we can use other methods. For example, the stone is one of the surfaces that we can use a razor, cutter, sandpaper, and even dishwashing wire to remove dried acrylic paint from it.

Remove acrylic paint from stone

In these methods of removing acrylic paint, we must be careful not to damage our hands during the cleaning operation. This method can also be used for wooden and ceramic surfaces. But be careful not to scratch or damage wooden or ceramic surfaces.

The best way to prevent surface damage is to be patient. Do not do this in a hurry at all.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to practical ways to remove acrylic paint from surfaces. To conclude, you should choose your method according to the surface material.

In doing these methods, you have to be extremely careful and patient. Do not forget that with a suitable mat and clothes when painting, reduce your worries about spilling paint and removing the dried acrylic paint.

We wish you all the best. We will publish helpful content for you in future articles.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the article Introduction to removing dried acrylic paint.

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