Portrait of Fereydoon Moshiri on canvas for sale

portrait of Fereydoon Moshiri with black pen technique. dimensions of the panel are 50 in 70 cm.

One of the most attractive and popular techniques used in recent years for painting, especially face painting, by artists and students is drawing with the black pen technique. The distinctive feature of the black pen, as its name implies, is the use of black and white colors in the composition and inspiration of the designs. This art has its roots in human life, and a kind of black pen art inspires even the writing lines created on paper.

about the artist:

Mariam Mansouri is a prominent Iranian painter and artist whose works have been shown to the public in different countries of the world.

she is the founder of the Tiraje Honar School of Visual Arts and has won the title of Tehran’s top professor at the art festival.

Holding numerous exhibitions in Iran and other countries, holding painting classes in different styles, and educating the students of prominent artists in Tehran are some of his achievements.

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Maryam Mansouri wishes the best for art lovers…

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