evil eye painting abstract by Maryam Mansouri

evil eye painting with abstract technique . Dimensions of the panel are 50 by 50 cm.

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You can also see interesting articles about painting by visiting Maryam Mansouri’s blog. If you are a painter and you are looking for video tutorials, you can also visit Maryam Mansouri’s Instagram page. You can see all of Maryam Mansouri’s hatred works on Maryam Mansouri  website. Wishing the best for you art lovers, goodbye.

Maryam Mansouri | maryam mansoori

Maryam Mansouri wishes the best for art lovers…

You can also see interesting articles about the painting by visiting the blog.

See the works of Maryam Mansoori on the Art Archive page.

you can follow Mariam Mansouri on her instagram page.

Maryam Mansouri



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